the CTP

Do I really need the CTP?

The answer to if you really need the certified treasury professional (CTP) credentials or not will depend on you, if you are passionate about things like cash flow, credit and liabilities or love the financial industry then the answer will be yes you need the certified treasury professional (CTP) credentials, but do you know enough about it?

What is certified treasury professional (CTP)?

certified treasury professional (CTP) simply work as a benchmark determine if you heave the needed knowledge and experience to manage things like the company’s cash flow, risk management and capital, it consider one of the leading credentials in corporate treasury worldwide if it’s not the most important one and it’s sponsored by the Association for Financial Professionals® (AFP), you must be still wondering how all of this can be useful to you right?


    • How the certified treasury professional (CTP) can benefit you?

Higher salaries:

      1. once you are a CTP your salary range get a huge jump instantly because there are not many CTP around the world so corporates try to give them an Attractive offers

Improves marketability:

      1. if you used to do so much interviews to get a job that is from the past because once you include CTP in your resume it stands out and you get all the light

Boosts relevancy:

    1. you know that everyday there is something new in the industry that you probably will not know about right? Not anymore because CTP keeps you updated with everything and makes you continuing education requirements

All of that beside giving you more career flexibility and increasing job security, feel excited about it now? Well, maybe you got the requirements needed to have the CTP

  • Who can take the CTP?

Basically anyone can have the CTP if he passed the exam but to enter the exam there are some requirements you must have

    1. Two years of experience in a relevant work or one year of experience in a relevant work and at least a master degree in a relevant field
      Take and pass the CTP exam
      Continuing education of 36 credits every three years
  • What are the best learning models?

      Domain 1: The Corporate Treasury Function
      Domain 2: Cash and Liquidity Management
      Domain 3: Working Capital Management
      Domain 4: Capital Markets and Funding
      Domain 5: Treasury Operations and Controls



  • How long you should study before taking the exam?

    There are no rules at that part but the average time to study before taking the CTP exam is 3 months

  • Where can I take the CTP?

    You can take the CTP exam by yourself just register your name, pay the fees and you will be ready but the learning models can’t be described by an easy material to self-study so you probably will need to take the CTP course in some trustable and professional place such as pathfinder CTP course