Diploma in International Financial Reportingblank

The Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR) provides qualified accountants
or graduates who have relevant country specific qualifications or work experience with an
up to date and relevant conversion course. The Diploma provides practical and detailed
knowledge of the key international financial reporting standards and how they are
interpreted and applied.

Why Pathfinders?

Pathfinders embrace a new vision of learning mainly depends on the combination of
academic knowledge and the market competencies, which presented through our
professional instructors who considered the elite of experts in the field of treasury &

Course Contents:

Understand, explain and apply the IASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial
Apply relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports.
Identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and
Prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash-flow statements)
including subsidiaries, associates and joint arrangements.

Course Details :

 Face to FaceOnline
Course Duration75 H75 H
Training PlaceZoom MeetingWithin Pathfinders Network
Attendance CertificateIncludedIncluded