FX & Money Markets

This course will provide delegates with a clear and simple explanation of the most common trading and hedging techniques used in the financial markets and how they are applied in particular to Foreign exchange and Money market instruments such as FX spots, forwards, swaps, interbank deposits, certificates of deposit, Commercial papers, Repos, futures, and options. The course handles the know-how of hedging and profit-making techniques. Case Studies methodology represents the major pillar of the course with emphasis on Dealing Room and treasury profit-making activities.

Who Should Attend?

  • Beginners who want to decrease their learning curve.

  • Traders who are starting out and the Intermediary level

  • Traders who want to learn more.

  • Anyone who wants to Trade the Money Market.

  • People who want to learn the most important concepts that are needed in trading.

  • Traders who want to better time their entries and exits.


Program Objectives

  • Elaborate the techniques of FX & Money Markets.
  • Provide the basic knowledge of the instruments of FX & Money Markets.
  • Provide a current view and up-to-date insight on the trading profile of FX &Money Markets.
  • Provide details about different market making & profit making techniques.
  • Provide in-depth calculations and techniques of derivative products and trading techniques.

Key areas of the syllabus

Session 1: Introduction

Session 3: Foreign Exchange market techniques

Session 5: Money market instruments

Session 2: Foreign Exchange Markets

Session 4: Money market instruments

Session 6: Derivatives & technical analysis

Duration : 24 H


Languages: Ar/En