Legal Counsulting
Legal Counsulting


Pathfinders provide advice and day to day support to companies in all sectors since we thoroughly believe that excellent legal guidance is half the solution of commercial disputes.We are able to help clients through every stage of the business lifecycle. Our responsibility resides in aiding businesses, whether large, medium or small, facilitate the business and management process from incorporate a lot of kind of companies starting from the company contract drafting through the incorporate it till the stage of the business lifecycle, litigation, arbitration, real estate transactions, registering real estate, labor law, and employment law.


As cross border transactions and globalization continue to become more common, corporations are turning to arbitration to solve their international disputes as it offers timely and flexible solutions. Our team has experience providing arbitration services across the full range of industries and for a wide variety of clients, including those privately, publicly, or state-owned.


Resorting to courts is not our aim in every lawsuit. We first seek to control the dispute and resolve issues rapidly and through the most appropriate means.However, when the matter requires resorting to litigation, we invoke our vast practical experience before courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court.

Insurance Recovery

We have extensive experience providing insurance recovery strategies for matters concerning property loss and professional liability protection, and securities litigation. Additionally, we can assist with all levels of dispute resolution ranging from negotiation to representation in litigation or arbitration within Egypt.

Financial Crimes

Economic Crime is a broad category of criminal charges referring to taking possession of money or other items of value that do not belong to you. Economic crimes include various forms of fraud, computer crimes related to cyber fraud, crimes of tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement, forgery, and bribery. Economic crimes extend to include crimes that fall on corporate businesses such as those related to information technology, trademarks, commercial counterfeiting, and the environment.

Banking and Finance

As the world markets continue to be volatile and unpredictable, our clients look to our banking & finance attorneys to help them navigate restricted channels of credit and challenging new regulations. We work with financial institutions, as well as borrowers, lessees, and other capital users, to analyze potential risks and develop both short- and long-term plans for today’s uncertain environment. In addition to representing our banking and finance clients, we also provide advice on acquisition financing, asset-based lending, cross-border investments, and both new and established financial structures and transactions.

Intellectual Property (IP)

We provide precise answers to intellectual property inquiries, and our team regularly represents our clients (plaintiffs/ defendants) before the courts in Egypt in cases concerning patent, copyright and trademark infringements, industrial designs, illegitimate competition, and trade secrets.

Employment and labor

Our company provides advice and legal services to help corporations of all types and sizes in all employee-related matters including the following:

  • Employment agreements (including non-compete clauses).
  • Employment termination.
  • Review of employment policies and internal manuals.
  • Attainment of licensing for non-Egyptian employees.